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IDW – interactive Documentary Workshop 2017 call for application open

The Laboratory of Visual Culture (SUPSI) and Visions du Réel International Film Festival / Doc Outlook-International Market (DOCM) are pleased to announce the fifth edition of its residential interactive documentary workshop, a project development programme for expanded documentaries, to be held in Nyon (Switzerland) from the 22nd to the 26th of April, 2017.

The interactive documentary workshop aims to enabling European professionals to seize the opportunities and challenges of the currently unfolding audiovisual trends by equipping its participants with precise, comprehensive and practical skills and knowledge in developing, producing, financing and distributing interactive documentaries and transmedia nonfiction projects. Through lectures, case-study presentations and panels with established authors, producers and notable interaction design experts, the participants will become familiar with the new challenges and opportunities that digital storytelling is promoting into the film and audiovisual creative industry (virtual reality, augmented reality, videogames etc.).

The workshop is project-oriented: over the five-day workshop participants enrolling with a project will apply the skills and methods while they are learning them in the practical development of a working-concept for a nonfiction project developing a non-linear storytelling and intending to integrate extensively, at different stages of the project, the new potential of digital technologies, an active user participation, and/or a transmedia approach across multiple media, in particular through the web, tablets, smartphones, live events etc. Through a Development Lab – featuring project-led group work, personalized coaching and a final pitch session – the key elements of the participants’ projects will be discussed with the trainers, experts, and European decision makers, getting the best advantage in terms of content development, planning of the audience experience, interaction design, funding strategy and professional networking. Participants will thus be accompanied in the definition and refining of a first proof of concept which will be able to be professionally put into further development or pre-production.

Encouraging networking and fostering the broader international mobility of our participants and their projects are key elements of the programme. We are therefore very proud to confirm our partnership with Doc Tank ( (March 2017) and Cross Video Days ( (June 2017). The interactive documentary workshop will reward 1 project attending the Doc Tank laboratory with an official invitation to Nyon, and Cross Video Days will award the best project resulting from the interactive documentary workshop with an official invitation to attend the highly competitive CVD Content Market.

The workshop is open to 20 participants (15 with projects - also in team -, and max. 5 observers) and targets scriptwriters, filmmakers, directors, producers, new media content creators, advertising executives and interaction designers. The interactive documentary workshop runs parallel to the DOCM at Visions du Réel which takes place from the 21st to the 29th of April 2017 in Nyon, Switzerland. The interactive documentary workshop will take place as part of the DOCM activities and all the case-studies presentations will be open to the public (

Applications are to be submitted by Wednesday, 8. March, 2017

For more information please contact us at
phone +41(0) 58 666 62 81